About AJ

I’m Alyssa or AJ, I’m a 22 year old that is engaged and has a cat name Pixie. My fiance has a blog as well and you can find him at Tales of a Ranger. I love reading as much as I love breathing… which I would say is a lot.

I’m a very short person and I act like I should be 5 years old most of the time. I might of been the inspiration behind the character Alyssa Myers in Make it a Double by Sawyer Bennett. I might also be a beta reader for said author 🙂 I have named a book for an author as well and it might be called Off Sides by Sawyer Bennett. I would love to become a Librarian or a Writer one day.

I really love to game… I like table top RPG’s, video games (Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo DS), and Card Games (Magic: The Gathering and Yu- GI- Oh)

Feel free to ask me questions, share books you enjoy, or just leave a comment! Thanks for stopping by I hope you enjoy!


7 thoughts on “About AJ

  1. Hi Alyssa. Like your blog. (Though) one can never love books too much! Feel free to visit Equinoxio. Fiction, travel and magic. A bientôt 🙂


      1. And thanks for following Equinoxio!
        Wish you many good books to read and a long week-end to enjoy them! 🙂
        Take care

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  2. Lovely blog you have here! I must say I can connect with its name – I love books far, far too much for my own good. I can’t even count how many hours of sleep I’ve lost because of it… 😉

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