Where in the world did I go?

Hey guys!

VERY LONG TIME since I last posted on this blog. It’ll probably be a long time before I do again. Why? you ask… So I got really involved in Booktube. I have almost 2K subscribers and met some of the most amazing people ever including my two best friends.

I’ve slowed down on that quite a bit as well though. I got married last year in June and ended up working in a library around January. My life has been super busy and full of excitement. If you want to catch up with me feel free to watch any and all of my videos on YouTube.

Anyway, I came back to the world of blogging, again you may ask why… Well I’m 8 months pregnant and doing videos regularly has become quite the challenge. I started doing mommy vlogs and sharing my passion for all that on my channel. However, it’s getting hard to have the energy to not just film but to sit and edit a video. So I started a new blog – Musketeer Mom. The mom part of the name is pretty obvious but the musketeer part is because of course I couldn’t just name my child a typical name… it had to come from a book. That book being The Three Musketeers and my sons (OH YEAH, I’m having a boy lol!) name being Dartagnan.

I figured if any of you still followed this blog and were wondering where in the cosmos I went and what I’m up to now, I’d let you know! haha

I hope you come on over to Musketeer Mom and check out some of my posts! I may try and get more active on this blog as well.

Much love!



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