2015 YA releases!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying 2015 so far! I have enjoyed what I can, as I have been really sick. I finally managed to get my first video up of the new year! Hope you enjoy!

What books are you guys looking forward to this year? And John, I already know you’re not looking forward to any… hahaha!

Happy Reading,



50 thoughts on “2015 YA releases!!!

      1. Bahaha! Yeah, that’s basically all his snapchats! πŸ˜‚ or his dog, Maya. Lol your videos are funny, by the way πŸ™‚

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      2. Psh! Don’t listen to him. He told me earlier that my blog is going to crash and burn!! 😦 lol he tried talking me into it. But I doubt I would be as entertaining as you! Just super awkward!

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      3. Silly John, don’t listen to him either!!!Haha you never know unless you try! I stared at the camera for a solid 5 minutes not talking, when I first started by the end I was being my normal awkward goofy self. That makes for the best videos!!!


      4. Haha I never do!! Lol yeah I can imagine! There’s just something that feels so weird about sitting there talking to your computer. But I did make a video of me lip syncing to Carrie Underwood earlier! Lol it was…. Interesting.


      5. Oh I totally know what you mean! And same with reading stuff you’ve written. For me anyways… haha I have two friends that I let read my stuff whenever and that’s only because we grew up writing stories together. But I know what you mean about being shy.


      6. Gotcha! Haha I knew you guys were pen pals. He should write back to you instead of trying to find new pen pals. πŸ˜‰


      7. Oh! And if you add me on Snapchat I will send you adorable pictures of my cat πŸ™‚ haha super_girl63


      8. Haha I shall! I suggested it earlier but maybe you missed that reply. You’ll get lots of cat pictures πŸ™‚


      9. I know. I feel like the app didn’t use to be so bad. And for some reason when you reply to comments it doesn’t have auto correct. So it takes twice as long to reply because of mistakes. Ugh.


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