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Scott Westerfeld!!!

First off. I’ve never fangirled so hard in my entire life. I shook like a Chihuahua when I talked to Scott, I was so excited and nervous. The only other time in my life I have ever been so nervous was when my fiance proposed…

Scott talked for about an hour and it was awesome! He has such an awesome personality and really interacted with the audience! He showed his attack video at the beginning which was hilarious! If you haven’t seen it yet here is the LINK!Β 

Scott also brought his LOVELY wife, Author Justine Larbalestier! Which I was so glad I checked his facebook today and saw she was going to be with him since I have Zombies vs. Unicorns and it reminded me that Scott and Justine both were part of the book! Justine was hilarious and my fiance and I got to talk to her quite a bit and she told us a little about her upcoming book, which is quite BLOODY!

When he signed my books, which I had nine to get signed, he was so friendly and nice! I told him I had been a fan since I was 14 and he couldn’t believe I was 22! He asked which of his books was my favorite of course it was Uglies but Afterworlds is kind of taking it’s place! When I was leaving the signing table he shook my hand and said “Thanks for buying pretty much all my books” and gave me a huge smile! haha, I definitely had the most books out of everyone there! Here are my pictures!


Scott Westerfeld!

IMG_4037 IMG_4036

Afterworlds signed!!! Definitely recommend it!

IMG_4033 IMG_4032IMG_4034

Peeps and The Last Days Signed!




The ENTIRE Uglies Series signed! AHHHH!

IMG_4025 IMG_4024 IMG_4026

Zombies vs. Unicorns! Signed by Justine and Scott Westerfeld! Justine said she was taking up the whole first page so Holly Black can’t if I ever get to meet her! hahaha! When she finished she goes “Winning!” & Scott signed his short story with added dialogue from his zombie πŸ™‚

In case you couldn’t tell, I had a blast! I’ve dreamed of meeting Scott Westerfeld since I was 14. His stories helped me through the toughest times of my life. Uglies is the reason I love reading, the reason I’m going to school to be a Librarian, and the reason I am a writer.

Have you guys read anything by Scott Westerfeld?

Happy Reading,


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