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Author Events!!!

So I just got home from yet another author event in STL! I am loving all the YA events that have been happening lately here in the midwest! This is like the anti YA book event zone I swear! I look at the coastal cities and they get SOOOOO many author events!

Here are the authors I got to be in their presence tonight!

Paula Stokes

Philip Siegel

Lindsay Cummings

Heather Brewer

Cole Gibson

Sarah Bromley

Bethany Hagen

Victoria Schwab

Courtney Stevens

Lydia Kang

Whitney Miller

In case you didn’t count, that’s ELEVEN authors! It was fantastic! I went mainly for Lindsay since I read TMC recently and fell in love with it! And I’ll be posting a review next! I so wished I had enough money to buy each of these amazing authors books! I felt inspired by their stories and they were so fun and down to earth!!!

I only had Lindsay and Bethany’s books to be signed! I about died over what Bethany wrote in my book!

image (2)

ALLONS-Y! Any other Whovian’s out there?!

I also about died when I walked up to Lindsay and she was like “We talk online don’t we?!” it was like talking to one of my good friends! She was also super sweet and asked about my engagement ring!


Also since I am posting my signed books, I went to the Chris Colfer signing on Tuesday. There was over 800 people present!!! All I kept thinking was what a hand cramp he is going to have after today! Haha! Anyway He answered some questions and then signed everyone’s books! He was so sweet and pretty much the most perfect looking person I have ever met… Like there’s totally a reason they call him Porcelain on Glee.

image (1)

All the authors were so amazing and I hope you all check them out and maybe read some of their books!!!

Happy Reading,



2 thoughts on “Author Events!!!

  1. I’m envious of all your opportunities to go to these YA events. They look like so much fun! I love living in NZ but it does have its down sides.


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