Dark Day’s Tour!

So this past Friday (5/9/14) four Harper Teen Authors had a Q&A and book signing in St. Louis. Which if you didn’t know, I just so happen to live just on the other side of the river from St. Louis (Valmeyer, IL… itty bitty town that has less than 2000  people) So I was pretty geeked out to find out they would be in town and I could go!!!

Heads up! I took a lot of pictures! You can click on the picture to enlarge it!

The lovely Authors that made an appearance were Kelley Armstrong, Danielle Paige, Kiera Cass, and Kimberly Derting.


The Q&A was really awesome, their publicist asked them questions to start it all out and then they opened it up to the floor for anyone to ask.

Quick side note! This is the first Author Event I have ever been to so I was pretty stoked!

I was super excited because Kiera Cass’ book The One came out like 3 days before the event so I got to read it and finish The Selection Series!

I want to say a special thanks to my girlfriend Laura who went with me when no one else could/would!

photo_2 (1)


So we’ll go in the order that I met them!

Kelley Armstrong the book that she is currently promoting is The Sea of Shadows, it’s a YA book about two twins who are able to communicate with spirits. Kelley has written so many books and I’m definitely a little late to the Kelley Armstrong party! I read Sea of Shadows and it was really good! She was super hilarious and was SOOOOO nice! She took her time and really talked to her fans!

photo_1 (3) photo_2 (3)

I am in love with this cover! Kelley signed my book and gave me an awesome bookmark which has the characters on it!

photo_1 (1)
Kelley Armstrong and I

Next up is Danielle Paige… Can I just say high-five for taking on and making the world of Oz your own! I have yet to finish this book because I’ve been pretty busy and haven’t had time to sit down and read. I’m about half way through and I LOVE IT!  Danielle debut novel Dorothy Must Die is of course a new story of Oz. It happens after Dorothy returns to Kansas and she ends up going back to Oz and becoming somewhat of a Tyrant. Crazy, I know! Can I just say I fangirled a little when she asked me if I was a fan of Oz…. As a child I sported sparkly red shoes very similar to Dorothy’s ruby slippers for the first 5 years of my life… and I may or may not have a pink pair currently.

photo_4 (3) photo_5photo_1

First of can I say that the inside of the sleeve for the hardcover is really kick butt? Second, She signed it “Alyssa, Follow The Yellow Brick Road. XOXO, Danielle Paige”

photo_3 (1)
Danielle Paige and I

Next is Kimberly Derting who is the author of The Body Finder series and her new novel The Taking. I read the first of The Body Finder series and liked it but I haven’t gotten around to finishing out the books yet. I read the Taking last week and can I just say, WOW! A really cool concept she has going. Kimberly said something during the Q&A about being inspired to write by Steven King and I really felt more of a connection with her writing. Her style and writing are very similar but formated for YA which is my favorite! I also have to throw this in there, when she was asked why she decided to write in a little brother for Kyra after she is taken. She responded ” I just wanted to take this perfect girl who has everything, she is an only child, a softball star, and has gotten anything she could have ever imagined. And I wanted to just ruin her.” Which is exactly what she did.

photo_2 (4) photo_3 (3)

Love this cover too! I got a beautiful matching bookmark and sticker and of course she signed it! She was super cool and down to earth as were the other three authors!

photo_4 (1)
Kimberly Derting and I

Last but not least, Kiera Cass, author of the Selection Series! I will admit I might be a little obsessed with her. She likes tiara’s and One Direction, need I say more?!

Oh, I guess I should since you know, she kinda wrote an AWESOME BOOK SERIES! The One which is her newest release is the final book in the series and can I just say it ended beautifully. Also for those of you who don’t know, Kiera announced that there will be another Selection Novella about Queen Amberly which I was pretty excited since I thought she was such a sweet character and wanted to know more about when she went through the Selection. There isn’t a release date for it yet but I’m thinking it will definitely be this year.

photo_4 (2) photo_1 (4) photo_2 (2) photo_3 (2)

So if you bought a copy of The One from Barnes & Noble you got a two-sided poster with the cover of The Selection and The One! Which she signed both sides 🙂 I had a pretty fun conversation with her about how they had to make it so difficult which side to display. After my friend Laura suggested a two-sided poster frame (she’s smart like that), Kiera said clearly what I needed to do was just hang it from the center of the room and that way it can spin! If my fiance would let me, I probably would.

photo_1 (2)
Kiera Cass and I

All four authors are on twitter and tweet pretty regularly so go follow them! I will also be putting the link to all their websites so if you want to check them out any further go right ahead!!!

Kelley Armstrong Website

Danielle Paige Goodreads

Kimberly Derting Website

Kiera Cass Website

Happy Reading,





5 thoughts on “Dark Day’s Tour!

  1. Don’t give me so much credit. I totally geeked out when you told me Kelley would be there. Thanks for having me for our sexy nerd girl outing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG it was amazing! St. Louis isn’t usually a big stop for authors so this was my first one I got to go to! I’m going to one soon for Lindsay Cummings who wrote The Murder Complex!


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