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Make it a Double by Sawyer Bennett is OFFICIALLY out! However amazon got a little too excited over it and released it YESTERDAY! So for those of you who have already got it, HIGH FIVE! If you haven’t… I’m making a face at you that says GO BUY IT NOW!

Star Rating(out of 5) : 5 Stars

Author: Sawyer Bennett


Genre: New Adult

This book is the second book in the Last Call series by Sawyer Bennett. I received an ARC of Make it a Double and absolutely loved it! In On the Rocks (first book in the Last Call series) you get a glimpse at Brody who is Hunter’s (main character of OTR) twin brother. He just got out of prison and obviously a changed man. In this story you see how he changes and get a first hand look through his point of view. In OTR he seems to be a rude, hardened man who doesn’t want anything to do with really anyone. In MAID you see a different side of him and see how Alyssa helps him adapt to life outside prison. For all you Hunter fans, you still get to see what’s going on with him ๐Ÿ™‚ there’s a treat for you especially at the end! I, of course, loved Alyssa too! This book made me laugh, cry, and jump for joy! I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoy’s the NA genre of books!

Make sure you head over to Sawyer’s Facebook to check out some of her giveaways! She usually does a Freebie Friday!

Sawyer Bennett Facebook

I’m thinking about seeing if Sawyer wants to do a Q&A and I’ll post it on the blog!!! So any questions you might have for her comment them and I’ll post the answers for ya!

Happy reading!!!



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