Doctor Who

So recently I’ve been watching Doctor who, and I absolutely love it! I started out with the 9th Doctor

9th doctor

I’m to the 10th doctor who is drastically better looking than the 9th

10th doc

I’m really thinking I’ll go back and watch all the way from the first doctor and see how the series progresses especially since I just saw the episode with Sarah Jane Smith and K9. For now I think I’ll continue where I am and then when I’m caught up I’ll go back and watch. I highly recommend watching the show if you never have before! Its super funny and entertaining. I’ll admit the special effects are a little cheesy looking but its still really good!



2 thoughts on “Doctor Who

  1. To be completely honest, I’ve never watched an episode of Doctor Who in my life. People always rant and rave about the wonder of the series, but I suppose I’ve just never gotten around to actually sitting down and delving into it.

    If you had a particular reason as to why you watch Doctor Who, what would that reason be? I know you said that it was amusing and entertaining, but what else about the show keeps you coming back?


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