Okay so I’m moving super slow at reading this book…



like slowbro slow… 

Anywho! I’ve been reading but I’ve been reading exciting top secret things and can’t wait till they’re out so I can fangirl out about them!!! I’m thinking I can have the book read by tomorrow night but we’ll see! I also think I’m going to start a little section thingy mo bobber about all my fangirling so you 11 (I believe) followers of mine can see what a nerd I am! 

Make sure you check out the bottom of the page! It has a fancy pants Goodreads Widget that tells you what I’m currently reading. I believe you can click on that and see what books I’ve read and see my AWESOME reading challenge…

Oh and you can rate me now! there’s some stars to click on down at the bottom.. I think?

Comment, like, or throw some tomatoes at my mediocre blog.   

Happy Reading,




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