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Vampire Academy

So I’ve read 5 out of the 6 Vampire Academy books by Rachelle Mead. I can honestly say I’ve been pleasantly surprised… I’ll admit I was very hesitant to read them because well we all know…


However it was surprisingly good and had some interesting lore behind it. I’ve read most of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series which on the same maturity level as True Blood. So in the world of the Vampire Academy there are basically two types of vampires… One being the Moroi which are vampires that are the most “human”, they don’t live forever, can go out in the sun (however they’re still sensitive to it), drink blood but they don’t kill, have fangs (smaller than the Strigoi’s), they’re fast, have heightened senses, have magical powers that are based on elements (fire, water, earth, air) and they DON’T sparkle…

Then we have vampire type two, the Strigoi, these are the undead, big bad, evil vampires… Humans, Moroi, and Dhampirs (I’ll explain them in a minute!) can become a Strigoi. If a Strigoi drinks blood from their victim and then has the victim drink their blood they become Strigoi… a Moroi however can change on their own by purposefully killing while feeding. When a Moroi changes they lose they’re powers and their humanity. They’re faster, stronger, immortal, cant go out in the sunlight, have red ringed eyes, and are very pale.

Next we have Dhampirs… the best way to describe a dhampir is they’re basically human but with some of the traits of a Moroi. They’re half bloods basically. a Moroi and a human had a baby and it was a Dhampir… they can’t reproduce with other Dhampirs but they can with Moroi. If you think that the offspring would be mostly Moroi, if a Dhamper is half already, then the offspring would be 3/4 Moroi… then you’re wrong! Because all it does is produce more Dhampirs… I .don’t understand it, but apparently they don’t in the book either…


So Dhampirs go through training to become Gardians… Basically they’re body guards for the “defenseless” Moroi… they mostly are there to protect the royal families. There are 12 royal families in all and that is where we get into our characters!

So the main characters are Rose Hathaway and Lissa Dragomir. Rose is in school to become a guardian to her best friend Lissa who is the last in her family line so she is actually a princess! The book starts where the two of them ran away because freaky things started happening and Lissa felt like someone was following/after her. Rose being protective of her life long best friend breaks them out of school and they run away for about two years. The two became “bonded” when Lissa and Rose were in an accident with Lissa’s family and Rose actually died. Lissa, using powers she had no clue she had, saved her. So the book starts when another Gardian, Dimitri Belikov… Swoons… clears throat… uh I mean, what was I saying?! oh yeah! He drags both Rose and Lissa back to school (St. Vladimir’s Academy) and on to a journey I never saw coming.

The first book has a great plot and the transitions to each book are really well planned. I think back to book one to where I’m at in book 6 and story has really progressed quite far. It’s definitely more of a girls book, based on the fact that there is a lot of romance but there is quite a bit of combat and fighting for you action lovers out there! I really like the twists thrown in there, some make you throw the book across the room and some stun you where you sit and say



Overall I think this series is pretty great! I’ll see how I feel about it after I finish Last Sacrifice!

As always… Questions, comments, suggestions are always welcome!

Happy Reading,



5 thoughts on “Vampire Academy

  1. I swear, you’ve read so many books and countless books that I’ve never even heard about. I always enjoy how some authors take a unique view on certain legendary creatures such as Vampires, Werewolves, Fairies, etc. so long as Vampires don’t sparkle and Werewolves don’t take the form of big dogs that fall in love with depressing teenagers.

    This sounds like a superb series. I can tell you enjoy it in the way you talk about it here. I’ll have to check it out sometime in the future. 😀


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